About Us

Because time spent on production has a direct financial impact, and any machine operating below its optimal capacity can impede overall workflow.

About remotive

Remotive is a Belgian company specializing in the repair and replacement of rotating machinery across various industries. Situated in the Ghent port area, we offer easy access to businesses in the Ghent and Terneuzen ports. Additionally, we expanded our presence in 2020 with a new location in Stabroek, serving companies in the Antwerp region.

Recognizing that downtime translates to financial losses and that an underperforming machine hampers overall operations, we are committed to restoring your machinery to optimal functionality as swiftly as possible.

Our industry-agnostic approach enables us to extend our services to a diverse range of businesses. As a dynamic enterprise, we possess the capacity to not only maintain your complete machinery fleet but also to provide the most suitable machines when it’s time for an upgrade—always with a focus on cost-effectiveness and timely delivery.

Revision Application

We’ve developed our proprietary revision application to ensure comprehensive and transparent reporting for every disassembly and assembly procedure. This means that a detailed report containing findings and recommendations is made available promptly after the action, in PDF format. Our application is designed to prevent finalizing reports unless all components have been inspected and documented, leaving no room for oversights.

Most Promising SME of the Year 2019

In 2019, we achieved the prestigious “Most Promising SME of the Year” award, presented by UNIZO. This accolade not only acknowledges our diligent efforts over the past years but also fuels our ambition to become a frontrunner in our sector.

Global Expansion

We are excited to announce that Remotive is expanding its reach beyond Belgium. We are proud to open a new branch in Abu Dhabi, further solidifying our commitment to delivering top-notch rotating machinery solutions on a global scale.