Ventilators play an integral and vital role in your industrial machinery. Regular maintenance of these ventilators can prevent damage caused by dust and daily usage. In the event of a malfunction, precise revision and repair of your ventilators are the initial steps towards restoring optimal functionality to your machinery.
Remotive provides both services – the maintenance and revision of your ventilators can be performed either onsite at your location or in our workshops located in Abu Dhabi.


Ventilator Revision Ensures Optimal Performance


Remotive boasts an extensive team of skilled professionals who specialize in the maintenance and repair of various industrial rotating machines. When your ventilators encounter an issue, you can rely on our team for a comprehensive inspection, which leads to a transparent repair proposal.v Our technicians leverage their knowledge and experience to recommend the most durable solutions.

In some cases, this may involve repairs or the replacement of specific ventilator components, while in others, the complete replacement of the machine may be necessary.
We only proceed with ventilator repairs, parts orders, or full replacements after receiving your approval.


Because Remotive operates independently of brands, we can always select the machinery or components that best align with your needs, whether that entails custom-made solutions or standard models.


Machine Balancing for Optimal Performance


Frequent use of your machines can lead to imbalances in your ventilators. To ensure the continued optimal performance of your machinery, we choose to balance your ventilators with each revision, not solely upon request.
After performing the necessary repairs and balancing we reinstall the complete ventilator setup and realign belts and/or motors.


What Does a Standard Inspection at Remotive Include?


Our brand-independent company specializes in mechanical maintenance, repair, and replacement of rotating machines across various sectors. We offer flexibility and provide quick and accurate assistance.
A standard inspection at Remotive comprises several elements. Initially, our technicians inspect your machines, followed by various measurements and subsequent disassembly. Components then undergo inspection, after you always receive an inspection report.

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