On site services

Our on site services

Remotive operates a fully equipped workshop for the repair of rotating machinery, conveniently located near Abu Dhabi. While our workshop is capable of handling most revision tasks, there are instances where on-site assistance is essential, such as when dealing with fans or bearing replacements in stationary machines. In such cases, our team of experienced field technicians comes into play.


Communication during on-site interventions is channeled through our dedicated foreman or supervisor, serving as a single point of contact. Depending on the project’s specific requirements, they assemble the right team of technicians, ensuring the necessary knowledge and experience are readily available. Our technicians not only possess the requisite skills but also carry the appropriate tools to perform maintenance and repairs on-site for equipment like blowers, electric motors, pumps, gearboxes, and fans. Additionally, we handle tasks such as on-site belt replacements and machine installations, complete with alignment and balancing.


Whether it’s during a planned shutdown or for routine maintenance, we prioritize swift on-site response to provide assistance or independently execute repairs or disassembly of machinery for further examination in our workshops.


For machine park inspections without downtime, we conduct vibration measurements, visual inspections, and thermographic assessments. Whether you require a single machine scrutinized due to uncertainty or a comprehensive evaluation of your entire machine park, Remotive has you covered.



During shutdowns, our primary objective is to ensure seamless and efficient operations. Extensive planning and open communication are fundamental.
We commence by meticulously outlining planned activities, followed by the creation of Health, Safety, and Environment (HSE) plans, along with Task Risk Assessments (TRA).
Before commencing work, all project details are meticulously reviewed in collaboration with the client and our foreman or supervisor. This meticulous approach minimizes surprises and reduces downtime to a minimum.



Our expertise extends to the revision of various equipment, including fans, pumps, electric motors, gearboxes, and blowers, where we have both the knowledge and equipment to restore optimal functionality.


Gearbox Inspections

On-site, we’re equipped to carry out essential tasks such as measuring backlash, inspecting gear components, and applying blue marking.



Balancing, a critical aspect of maintenance, is conducted routinely, whether at our workshop or on-site, to guarantee equipment operates at peak performance.


Vibration Measurements/Thermography

To evaluate the health of machinery without halting operations, we conduct vibration measurements and thermographic assessments. These precise analyses inform necessary actions, optimizing production and preventing potential defects and downtime. Comprehensive and transparent reports are generated based on these measurements.

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